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Software platform aimed at automating the measurement and budgeting process for engineering projects in the areas of electricity, telecommunications, water, sewage, as and HVAC

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Our Mission

AJR is company specialized in engineering projects. Its activities range from the elaboration and installation of electrical infrastructure projects, telecommunications and gas networks, to the commercialisation of products related with these areas.

Constituted in the year 2000, it has 19 years of experience in the elaboration and installation of projects, as well as in the commercialisation of components for this type of projects.

Led Lightning

Components for electrical installations (housing, tertiary sector and industry)

Materials for water, sanitation and telecommunications networks

Material for gas networks

Variety of


Electrical Installations

Transformation Stations

Low Voltage Distribution Network

General and Specific Power Sources


Renewable energy

Photovoltaic Parks

Electric Chargers

Natural Gas Network

Propane / Butane

Housing Infrastructures

Medium-voltage Distribution Network

Low-voltage Distribution Network

Street Lighting

Gas Network


Telecommunication Infrastructures in Buildings

Structured Network

Residential Telecommunication Network

Fuel Stations




Other Services

Industrial Project

Hospital Project

Supervision of Constructions

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